Granby Half-Marathon

Undertaken by: L'équipe photolithographie

The year of 2011 was really overwhelming. At the beginning of January, I was in rehabilitation following a double fracture of my ankle, and my heart gave me strange signs. Signs which today are very clear and that led to an infarctus and a hospital stay. At that time, it was a shock. Rapid cascade of medical interventions for a week and six days later, I left the hospital with a rare degenerative genetic heart disease, a heart defibrillator, medication and a completely changed lifestyle… A wall.

A wall like I’ve never met, and believe me, I saw a lot during my 12 hours and even 24 hours mountain bike endurance competitions. But I wasn’t ready for that wall. I lost all my points of reference. What can we hold on too when everything around disappears? For weeks, I tried to understand, I read everything I could find about my disease, arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia. For months, I felt lost in a new life that I haven’t chosen. I wanted to die every day, my family knows.

Happily, I had the support I needed from my beautiful Maud and my little man, Alexandre. We hold on by the remaining strings. Family, friends, neighbors, they all add energy to the system. The journey is not easy when you don’t know where you’re going. New physical limitations, paradigms, perceptions, cardiac events... and the constant fear of having to use the defibrillator.

Slowly, a new life begins. I haven’t quite understood where this new life will bring me but I will enjoy every single moment out of it. I will take my time, take my time... take my time. I often say that the disease is not all bad. Life becomes much simpler. The choices are easier when we manage better to grasp what is really important.

Among other things, what is important for me is to realize how the people around me loves me. Of course, family and friends, but what is the true definition of friendship? I returned to work after a few months. I explained to my team what had happened to me, my new reality, challenges and limitations. I was welcomed openly, simply, just as I am. My team supports me, understands me and sometimes protects me from myself. To feel supported as I am, it’s really powerful.

The team, my friends, decided to participate in the half marathon of Granby, September 14th, 2014, and to raise funds for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Frankly, gang, THANK YOU! Thank you for everything and also for the support to the patients like me who will benefit from these donations. If, in one way or another, my team Teledyne DALSA inspires you, take action. Every dollar counts.

Vincent Loiselle

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