Niagara Falls Marathon

Undertaken by: Julie Cordeau

I have my own personal reason for wanting to raise money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Last September I lost my dad to a fatal heart attack. I started running three years ago and since the beginning, the plan has always been to run a marathon for my 30th birthday. I will turn 30 this fall and would really like to run the Niagara Falls Marathon. Since it’s in October, just a few days after my birthday and before my dad's, and Niagara Falls is where my parents had their honeymoon, everything seems to point me towards this particular event.

As a young mom juggling between a full time job and full time studies, I know that this isn't a routine that I could keep on for years, and running helps me cope with the stress that this temporary lifestyle brings me. It is too late to influence my dad to take care of himself but if I could help just one person I would feel like I have accomplished something great.

I want to reach this goal for my own heart and for my father's heart that stopped beating on September 7th, 2013 at the age of 54. I deeply believe that helping the Heart and Stroke Foundation could prevent someone from losing a loved one at a young age like my dad was.

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