Oasis Half-Marathon and Marathon

Undertaken by: Équipe KPMG 2014

KPMG has formed a team to run the Rock 'n' Roll Oasis Montreal Marathon and Half Marathon. We are undertaking this challenge to raise awareness to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, honor all those who are affected by one of these disease and, hopefully, inspire our colleagues and friends to adopt a healthy lifestyle to help reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease.

We have a GREAT team of 47 inspirational individuals running this year! Come support us and cheer us on! Donate whatever you can!
Our goal is to raise $6,000.


Sophie Larochelle Half-Marathon
Marie Leduc Half-Marathon
Nathalie Bernier Half-Marathon
Lucie Lavoie Half-Marathon
Benjamin Batzios Half-Marathon
Maryse Mayer Half-Marathon
Anthony Karaganis Half-Marathon
Lori Cohen Half marathon
Alexandre Candau Half marathon
Andréanne Beaudry 10km
Julie Perreault Half-Marathon
Michel Perreault Half-Marathon
Cristina Paklarian Half-Marathon
Philippe Fournier-Bélanger Half-Marathon
Andrée Allaire-Papineau Half-Marathon
Jonathan Desrosiers Half-Marathon
Jean-Simon Boucher Half-Marathon
Audrey-Anne Henri Marathon
Peter Staveris 10KM
Liz Lopez 10KM
Julie Michaud Half-Marathon
Dave Rosenberg Half-Marathon
Tzu-Yu Chu Half-Marathon
Olivier Verreault-G. Marathon
Noura Choukeir Half-Marathon
Mandy Zombor Half-Marathon
Lisa Zombor Half-Marathon
Krystle Douglas Half-Marathon
Emilie Gauthier Half-Marathon
Charles Armstrong Half-Marathon
Nadia Mokrani 10KM
Catherine Malouin Half Marathon
Sébastien Huot Half-marathon
Marie-Christine Dumont Half-marathon
Lucie Keuyalian Half-marathon
Maryland Ukpabi Half-marathon
Melissa Bourdon Half-marathon
Maria Bourdon Half-marathon
Louis Vacchiano Half-marathon
Kristina Vacchiano Half-marathon
Jimmy Haidalis Half-marathon
Sabrina Mariani Half-marathon
Bruno Desautels Half-Marathon
Melanie Kfoury
Chantal Lariviere
Stephanie L'Ecuyer
Anne Duprat
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